Where Are You Going With Your Fetlocks Blowing In The Wind: I Start My Viviscal Hair Growth Programme

Hair, ah how long do we all spend preening and primping it? More to the point how much does it affect our confidence when it isn't 'right'? Bad hair day is a well worn phrase especially in my house. The amount of tools, creams, serums, lotions, oils I have for mine is always indecent, and I need every single one... I do. 

Hair type is something I have struggled with ever since I was young, young enough to know the bush on my head wasn't quite normal anyway. I have curly hair, very curly hair, it's thick and coarse and takes a lot of taming. The type that small flying animals could get stuck in quite easily if I left it to its own devices. Any sightings of witches could be when I haven't got my GHD's on my hair.

I dye my hair, I straighten it, I heat style, I am usually stressed all this is not very good for my poor annoyed follicles. I was invited to the Lifes2Good event last week to find out more about their products, one in particular I was interested in, Viviscal. 

A while ago the only knowledge about Viviscal I had was with regard to hair loss. I put it into the same category as other products which were aimed at those losing hair. But, I was in fact wrong, it can not only help with thinning hair but also boost the condition, strength, and deal with shedding caused my many factors.

Hurrah for that. Apparently, stress (guilty), poor diets, over-processing (guilty), heat styling (very guilty) all put stress on the hair. To be honest with what I do to my hair I'm surprised I have any left. So the shiny haired folks from Viviscal gave me the opportunity to try out their supplements, and their shampoo and conditioner range for three months to be able to give it a proper review. I was always going to say yes as having the wedding coming up next year I really want to be able to wear my hair down and loose and it does need to be in good condition for that.

On the day we got to chat to Viviscal's trichologist and it was like being a kid in a sweet shop, well it was for a hair nerd like me. Fascinating to hear how the hair works, what effects our lives have on it, and most importantly how we can get it looking better. Viviscal is supposed to work by supplementing the diet with marine extracts. biotin, niacin, vitamin c, iron and zinc, based on research with Inuit populous who had a diet rich in fish and beautifully healthy hair to show for it. I'm very excited to get started, my dream hair is a bit longer, definitely stronger, shinier and healthier.  

I want to hear your hair questions, I will be collating the most asked questions and having them answered by Viviscal's trichologist herself. So if you've always wanted to get professional advice on your hair, now is your chance! Leave me a comment below, or email me and I'll be posting the questions and answers at the half way point in the trial along with my updates!

Much Love

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