All The Not So Single Ladies: Mrs Carter's New Heat

I love Beyoncé, but I've never been really mad about her perfumes, they're always just a little too sweet for me. This Christmas B is releasing the Limited Edition Mrs Carter Show World Tour Heat. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, I guess I thought perhaps it would be just a slightly lighter version of Heat. 

It wasn't!

In fact it smells much better! Filled with mango, pink pepper, orchid, violet and jasmine and finishes with vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver. The result is a lighter fruiter mix than the quite heavy and sweet original scent.

For me it feels like a summer scent, it's lively and vivacious. The original Heat was very still, hot summer. It was like Mississippi on a summer night, non moving deep heat, very fragrant. The Mrs Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition Heat is more like a summer monsoon, it's fresher, lighter and vibrant.

I have to say I definitely prefer this one, it feels more wearable. If you're a fan you might want to check this out. It's available this Christmas!

Much Love 

Dawniepants x

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