Cheerio Halloween: What Did You Do?

Halloween has been and gone, did you dress up? What did you go as? I dressed Molly up as a pumpkin, she loved it of course...not. I genuinely think she hates me sometimes, and who could blame her, but you have to admit, girl looks good as a pumpkin.

I've never really been much of a Halloween person, the only time I really got into it was when I was at university, I'd broken up with my boyfriend the previous day (an excellent combination) and I decided I was going out for the entire Halloween weekend. I had a red corset, and some devil horns, I needed a cape and some wings so off we went to join the giant student queue outside Elliotts. For those of you not local, Elliotts is a fancy dress shop in Belfast who pretty much have everything in the way of costumes, from Kawaii to superhero fancy dress online and in store. The queue at Halloween is always around the block, mainly full of students like me who needed a costume for their festivities, or just accessories for a costume. I've stood outside their store for what felt like hours shivering in the cold for a chance to get my hands on the ideal devil wings, and of course I did. Hurrah for me right?


Elliotts is a bit of a Belfast staple, especially if you're a student, like The Bot and Lavery's. I'm pondering whether or not to dress up for Christmas this year, we're hosting it in our new house, which is a whole new world of scary. I don't quite know how I feel about that, there's something of a childhood regression about going home for Christmas. I might dress as Mrs Claus though and get Molly some reindeer antlers for the festivites.

What do you guys think? Do you dress up for Halloween or Christmas? What did you dress as this year?

Much Love

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