I Go All One Direction: One Piece Comes To Inanity And The Girl

Hello lovelies,

I was going to hold off on this post and put it into my 12 Days of Christmas Must Haves but I have a very good reason for pulling it forward. I got contacted by the lovely, cosy folks from One Piece, you may know them as the Norweigan company that make the ultimate onesie as worn by those fine boys from One Direction. They asked if I'd like to try out a One Piece and if I liked it, offer my readers a lovely discount code. Absolutely.

I picked a traditional navy Norweigan design, I always have a problem with length in onesies because I'm stupidly tall, but there was a very helpful size guide so I knew it would at least be long enough. I ordered my One Piece on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday. Hurrah. It is SO comfortable, I may never wear anything else. I thought my main issue would be keeping the dog off my knee, or perhaps being disinclined to wear any other clothes because I was too comfy. No, it turns out my problem was actually getting it off Himself! He isn't one for Onesies, never has been, so he tried this on, in full disinterest but once zipped into it his proclamations of 'Oh yes' were an indicator I might have to wrestle it off him. Himself is a big fan of it and wants it for his own lounging, it's unisex so alas he can do that. I also want it and we have found ourselves at an impasse, who gets the onesie...I think I should, he thinks it fits him better. So in the interests of fairness I have left it up to you guys.

Who gets the One Piece? You guys decide!

Me versus Himself, of course I could just buy him one but it's now turned into a competition!

He makes a strong case for it, it does fit him well, and he does look adorable in it.

But I like to think I'm holding my own as well!

As you guys are awesome and because I know loads of you are Onesie fans but also One Direction fans, maybe you're buying a present for one I have a great discount code for a whopping 20% off at the official One Piece site, http://www.onepiece.co.uk. Just go through to checkout and type 31inanityandthegirl It's only valid until the end of November, hence my haste at putting it on the blog, so if you want one get motoring!

Also it would be totally fine to buy this for Molly right? Yes they do dog and child options, scream I know! I mean my pug in this, the whole family matching! 

So guys that is all from me today, get yourself a little bargainilicious present this Christmas, oh and if you're so inclined, comment below and tell me who should get the One Piece.

Much Love

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