Let's Be Supportive: Shoe Woes

Broad feet are the bane of my life, according to the woman at the running shop I also have slight pronation, sigh.  I know it's quite a small thing to have be the bane of your life but they are. You have to rule out swathes of shoes because they're too narrow, they pinch or they put you in grave danger of losing circulation in your feet. You know as if it isn't bad enough that I'm tall and already have a narrow scope in what I wear, and the fact that I have the cheek to not be thin, broad feet as well. It's a wonder I can wear anything at all.

These days when it comes to shoes I'm all about comfort with a little bit of style if at all possible, and sometimes it just isn't. I haven't yet branched out to feel the benefits of gel heel inserts although I know I have to for my pronation. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it, at least if I can get a little insert I can always put it in my shoes rather than have to wear special shoes for the pronation.

I know young women never really talk about issues with our feet, we're meant to want to wear super high platforms, I don't wear them because they make me about 6'4 and I feel like a giant. But we aren't meant to have feet issues, certainly nothing is marketed toward us apart from things to ease the pain of our heels. Shall I be the face of over pronation? Anyone want to take bunions? Or maybe flat arches?

Nothing is worse than sore feet though, that's my excuse for owning Crocs anyway, and yes I wear them round the house instead of slippers, they stop my heels hurting.

Come on then what about you guys? Any feet/shoe confessions for me?

Much Love


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