Lugging the Luggage: Bridal Practicalities

You know how people say, 'oh you're getting married abroad, I suppose your dress is light so you can carry it on the plane?' Do they not say that to you, well they do to me. My dress is not light and sheath-like, I don't think I'm revealing anything major by saying that, as a dress style it's not me. The problem though is that these people are right, I have to pack my dress and adhere to luggage limits, baggage weight and space issues. I genuinely have no idea how the heck I'm going to do it. You see in a practicality led world I would have thought of this....however, in my world I went in and saw tulle, organza, satins and lace and screamed 'Yay give me it all.' so my dress is not light or simple.

My dress comes in a bag, it's a dress bag funny enough but it still has to go in a case, apparently some airlines are ok with you taking it on as hand luggage but increasingly they're not. This genuinely is filling me with fear, I have visions of it getting lost or my case getting damaged and my dress turning up torn or not turning up at all! There are really sturdy garment wardrobes from Antler suitcases which just fold up, I like that idea if they would allow me to take it on as hand luggage. I may be sitting there in my plane seat just clutching my dress eyeing anyone that comes near it with total suspicion.

I'm not sure what I'll do if it has to go in the hold, I think perhaps in that eventually I should get just a really hard case, they have lovely hard coloured ones, is it bad that I really liked the stylishness of it? Practicality be damned, but I think I merit a special case just for my dress...right? Everyone else is going to get all of my things dispensed over all their cases, sorry folks, I pity the poor sod who gets all of my skincare in their case, I'll bag it nicely for you I promise! I'll even let you use my Clarins. I really hope it doesn't come to that though, I mean it's not very exciting but this is posing a practical problem.

What about you guys? Have you got married abroad or tried to take a giant dress on a plan? Feel free to tell me your luggage horror stories, go on shock me!

Much Love



Ellie Myers said...

I know FleurDeForce faced a similar problem, she bought her dress in the US and had to bring it back to the UK. As far as I remember she rang the airline and they said it would be fine to take it on board as hand luggage. I believe they ended up hanging it in first class - apparently they have places for such things! A bit nearer to the time it might be worth getting in touch with the airline to find out what they can do for you. xx

Dawniepants said...

That's a great idea! One of my friends got married in Spain and they wouldn't let her so in just praying they let me have it as hand luggage! I need my hold baggage!

Kirsti said...

I've been looking into this recently as i'm getting married in Vegas next year and some airlines can send you a special box to store your dress in on the plane - worth checking with them! x

Dawniepants said...

I'm getting married in Vegas next year too Kirsti! I need to work out what my airline offers! Gonna find out!

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