Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Eating? Sainsburys Christmas Launch

Hello lovelies,

I apologise this will be about Christmas, now if you can't take it by all means scroll on through, it's all ok, I know some of us are a little sensitive to mentions of Christmas before December. I was asked if I wanted to come check out the Sainsbury's new Christmas range. Um yes, naturally, mulled wine, mince pies and fancy cheese. Sign me up and hand me my stretchy pants.

I love the Sainsbury's Christmas Launch in their West Belfast store as everyone is always so lovely, and genuinely excited about the products, they're also really knowledgeable. Last year of course Sainsbury's got me hooked on manchego cheese dipped in honey then coffee, surprisingly a total taste extravaganza. This year I didn't know what it would be!

We got to see the new range from Gok Wan, modeled by the talented staff of the store which is full of gorgeous festive dresses and plenty to satisfy fans of his lines. I got a chance to have a quick look around the clothing line and there's some gorgeous camel capes, beautiful Christmas jumpers and some amazing jammies. You know me I love a good set of jammies.

For this Christmas launch I got to try the totally yummy mulled wine, I have to just say, fabulous for a cold, made me feel miles better when I'd had a glass or two. Yorkshire puds, marmalade sausages, truffles that looked like Christmas baubles, and my total favourite Wensleydale cheese with salted caramel and fig, dear me but it was immense, me and himself nearly finished a whole slice of it by ourselves with a glass of red. I have to say if it's in store when you're there, try it! It is amazing! It's my total star of the whole launch. I was in store the other day but it wasn't in the cheese counter yet! So when you're next in you must try it!

I also had a chance to try this little tin of cookies out, isn't it gorgeous? I love anything tea pot related so it's very up my street. A mini chocolate chip cookie and a cuppa, very much my ideal night! Those are my new atomic style 50s cups, do you all like them?

This is a complete side note but I bought this when I was in store, this frosting kit is amazing. It's so hard to get properly big nozzles, in kits they're always too small and unhelpful. These are gigantic nozzles for rose frosting and all kinds of twist frosting. I have to say if you bake at all these are an absolute bargain, one of the things that often ruins cake decoration is a nozzle that's too small, bigger the nozzle the easier the decoration. I've paid £8 per nozzle in the past for these sizes, so that's a bit of a tip from me!

Thank you so much to the lovely staff of Sainsbury's who were fabulous hosts.

Much Love

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