The Bridal Diaries: 147 Days To Go

Days To Go: 147

Date: 27th November '13

Mood: Mulling

Glasses of Wine: None (more's the pity)

Angry Moments: Surprisingly None

Second Thoughts: None


I thought I'd start with the big guns, yup I bought my dress. I went with my mum and my two bridesmaids to award winning Perfect Day last Friday. Those of you who read my last Bridal Diary will know how nervous I was about the whole thing. We arrived fresh off the train, the girls asked me about the date of my wedding and proclaimed I was cutting it fine, who knew 5 months was cutting it fine?
So we went into the bridal room and my dress helper Karen went off to start picking things for me to try.

She came back with acres of fabric and beckoned me in, I stripped down to my tummy control pants and strapless bra (hot) to step into the first of many dresses.

The initial process was narrowing down what kind of style I wanted. I tried on the all lace dresses first, I gotta say for my hourglass shape they really didn't suit me, I was a bit square like in them. It became a bit of a dress procession, I swear I've forgotten so many that I tried, but in reality I only tried on eight. Once we'd got the right style of dress I tried on the rest in the same style. 

One that I tried on in particular was a big hit with the bridesmaids and my mum. It was vintage in some aspects but I just didn't like it. Everyone else was delirious about it, but I didn't like the style or the detailing and it just wasn't my dress. I tried on a few more, if you asked me what they looked like I couldn't have told you as they became a white blur at one point. It got to the moment where I was fast running out of things to try, I decided to go back to the one that everyone but me loved, in case it needed a second try. So I tried it again... It still wasn't doing it for me. 

Finally I'd tried on everything sample wise in the store that would fit me in the style that suited me. Karen my dress helper had a hard think and eventually emerged from the dress closet (stuff of dreams full of white tulle) with one last dress to try. 

She had said she didn't know if I'd like it but she just remembered it. My mum I distinctly remember pulled a face as it went by, not a good start. I was pretty sure I was going to be leaving empty handed. So I got into the last dress, it was about a million miles away from anything I thought I would ever pick. Totally the opposite. I came out to everyone and there was a collective silence, then we got a veil and suddenly it was like bang here's my dress. 

I know everyone says you cry or you just know, I didn't get that, but then I'm such an indecisive person it doesn't really happen like that for me. The longer I looked in the mirror the more I realised I really liked it, it was so different from what I had wanted that it took me a while to think 'is this my dress?' By that point the bridesmaids and mum were on their feet adjusting things and looking at parts of the dress. Everyone loved it, including me. As I stood in front of the mirror I had to imagine what my dress would look like fitted to me, the sample was a little bigger than I was. It dawned on me, rather than hit me over the head, that it was my dress. As I stood there and liked (for once) how I looked in it, I felt like a bride, I have a bit of delayed reaction at the best of times, it actually only hit me the next night. I bought it, and my veil.  It was a strange sensation. You're in the dress for such a short space of time and then you don't see it for months, and it's such an important dress.

I made the mistake of googling the dress later to remind myself. I saw it on a model and i thought 'but I don't like that, have I just bought that dress? But I don't like that dress' it's hard to say but it doesn't look like that on me, which makes no sense I know, but I'm taller. It made me freak out a bit because I'm looking at this dress that I've just bought that has cost a bloody fortune and I don't like it. All I can see are all the things that I never wanted in a dress and they're all there. Freak. Out. I chatted to my bridesmaids and my mum and they're like 'no it looks different on you' and the thing is, it does look different on me, how I don't know, can anyone explain that?

It's strange, even though I had quite a few things to try I'm filled with doubts I wonder if I should have tried on more? should I have had some massive reaction? Should I have been more firm about sticking to what I thought I wanted? It was beautiful though, just so different and my veil is again completely different to what I thought I wanted. 

Is this common? I did have to laugh though because afterwards I was like 'no-one cried it mustn't be that nice!' And my mum was like 'I was trying not to cry, Claire said 'I was trying not to cry in case I set your mum off' and Paula was saying 'I didn't want to cry in case I set everyone off' hilarious but true.

So there we go, dress is bought, I seem to be looking at other dresses though, like is that it then? There's so many beautiful dresses out there, they just all don't look like that on me.

So what can I tell you? nothing. Only that it's totally different to anything I would have ever picked. That's all....

Tell me about your experiences!

Much love


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