The Bridal Diaries: 154 Days To Go

Days To Go: 154

Date: 20th November '13

Mood: Panic Ranging From Mild To Severe

Glasses of Wine: None (not through choice)

Angry Moments: A Couple

Second Thoughts: None

Can we all just end the lie right here and now? Magic pants/Tummy holdy in garb/spanx whatever you wanna call them, make you look fatter or make me look fatter. They are not designed for anyone with a bit of meat on them. If you're slim and have a bit of a tummy, no problem but if you've got some evenly sprinkled weight, you put these on and they push your belly to your waist thus removing your shape and making you a giant oval. Or my favourite the pants, they're tight yes but then they give you a giant muffin top! What's that about? No me and shapewear do not go well together. Apart from a good boned corset, you know where you are with a good boned corset.

The rant of course is for a reason, for the last year I've put it off and watched on as others moved forward but this Friday, I am going wedding dress shopping. I have an appointment at the award winning Perfect Day. I am scared, very scared. I was chatting to a learned friend who had asked me what the ultimate fear was. Good question right?

The ultimate fear? I guess is just hating how I look in everything, having to stand in front of the mirror and just disappearing into my own insecurities. Or being the fat girl crying in the dressing room, not good. When I'd disclosed this he'd said to me I needed to take control, things don't just happen to you, you have a part in them. I don't want to be crying in the dressing rooms, I want to be standing there going 'wow I look fabulous I never want to take this dress off'.

It's nerve wracking, well it is for me. I've been trying on shape wear, desperately trying to find 'good bras' it's all quite stressful. It's the day where you have to look your absolute best, the wedding, the photos, the big day. Stress.

That's where I'm at right now folks.

What were your bridal experiences like?

Much Love

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