An Unlikely Favourite: Inanity's Skin Savior

Skin saviors are few and far between. Since I've upped my skincare regime with the huge anxiety filled period of time around my turning 30 I've been trying an awful lot. I've said it on here tons of times before, I think I only took my make up off properly when I was about 28, before then a wipe and good intentions was about all I mustered. Plus I wore lash you couldn't really take off mascara...horrors.

Anyway, since then I've turned it right around, I'm very good. SPF, cleansing and all that jazz. I've been trying TONS of cleansers, TONS OF THEM. My bathroom is coming down with cleansers. As winter got cold and I had my heating on full pelt my skin was getting drier and drier and drier. Foundation sank in, nothing would make it look dewy or happy at all. I would drink water like it was going out of fashion, I bought a myriad of different foundations and they all looked the same, dry and rubbish! I was at my wits end with it. I'd thought about adding facial oils to my regime for a while but hadn't investigated it with any real depth. It was reading an article about cleansing with oil that made me think, I want to try this.

I've been a bit more aware about what is in all of my creams and serums the last year and I didn't want anything with mineral oil. I'd heard lots of good things about sweet almond oil, so I went online and ordered a bottle of sweet almond oil from eBay of all places, it is totally pure, nothing added, it has a little pump on the top and it's dead easy. I use it on EVERYTHING. I didn't think was so versatile, I use it on my hair, rubbed into the scalp as a treatment, I use it to cleanse my face, I use it just when my skin feels dry, I use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes as it encourages them to grow, Bex from Welcome to Faeriwood has even encouraged me to rub it into my cuticles.

On my skin there's been a big difference, my skin isn't dry anymore for a start and my brows are growing! Fabulous news for my upcoming HD Brows appointment.

Best news is they're so cheap, I think mine was about £6 for a massive bottle of lovely pure oil. It's a strange thing but I've been so impressed with it, it's made such a difference on my skin.

I was asked on Twitter about the skincare routine now and where to put it, my skincare routine is something like this now.

One pump of sweet almond oil, massage into face and then into your cuticles while you're there.
Wash off with a flannel
Eye cream- I use Monu, or Eyesilix
Sometimes I throw some oil onto my skin before my SPF if I'm needing it
Clinique City Block SPF
Make Up

In the Evening
Cleanse over the face with a pump of sweet almond oil
Wash off with a flannel
Cleanse again if you've used a high SPF, I use my sweet almond oil again.
Then 2/3 times a week follow with Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner
Follow with Rosewater Toner
I've started using Kiehl's Midnight Concentrate, 2/3 drops on the skin, then bed.

Now obviously this is what works for my skin and is making it happy, but this obviously isn't for everyone.
I find that there's something awfully decadent about rubbing oil into the skin, I feel like an Arabian Princess from a fairytale. It's also great for getting rid of wrinkles, well moisturising the skin does do that anyway, but I have to say I am loving it so far.

How about you guys? Do you use any oils, would you try some?

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Much Love

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