Baby It's Cold Outside: I Get My Snug On

Guys it it freeeeeeezing. I went out today and honestly I could not put enough layers on. For those readers who are in warmer climes, you lucky articles as my mother would say. It is very cold here, when I try shoving the dog out the door in the morning she is very unwilling to go.

I've been bundling up, as you guys all know, every year I like to knit my own giant snood. Last year was two shades of purple, this year I've gone for a multi coloured stripe, it is huge I'm not even kidding, totally massive, thick aran and when I put it on goes from neck to just above my waist. I love oversize accessories so this is totally me!

I've also been wearing my little hat from Accessorize, it has a ginormous bobble on the top, I was really unsure about it. So unsure I asked my Instagram followers what they thought but the consensus has been positive, so I'm keeping it.

I just put a brand new fireplace into our new house which means we have lots of heat downstairs but, I think I might get some cheap rotating halogen heaters for our third floor, my dressing room is up there, and let me tell you folks even with the heat on first thing in the morning it is still cold. It doesn't make me want to strip off! I figure if I blast myself with heat an close my eyes for ten minutes I can pretend it's summer.

With the cold creeping in we've been snuggling up on the sofa (our new sofa hasn't arrived for the house yet) I've bought the most enormous cups for tea, and I've taken to buying different biscuits every night for watching television with. How sad am I right?

Here's a snap of our usual night, us in our jammies curled up on the sofa drinking tea and doing pug cuddles. This is our winter on the run up to Christmas.

What is your winter routine shaping up like?

Much Love


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