Block Out The Sun: Battle Of The Blocks

For those of you who know me at all, you'll know how mad I am about SPF. You have to wear your sunscreen boys and girls, even when it's December. I decided to pit some of my favourites against each other, for those of you who remember my Battle of the Balms this is rather similar only with rather fabulous SPF creams.

First up is Clinique Super City Block SPF 40. This was recommended to me by Katrina from SugahFix who loves the SPF. I have to say I'm loving it, it's tinted so it's like a bb cream/tinted moisturiser. It's lovely and dewy as well. I have to say I've taken to wearing it by itself with a little concealer if I need it and lots of blush. It just seems to make me look fresh which I think is fabulous. You also get the fantastic knowledge that your skin is being protected from the sun with a physical barrier.

Have to say I love it, will definitely be repurchasing. You can wear this under your foundation as a primer, it's rather gorgeous. 

Definite must

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