Bridal Diaries: 134 Days To Go

Date: 11th December '13


Glasses of Wine: Two

Angry Moments: Not Today

Second Thoughts: Not a One

It's been such a busy one, we finally booked our flights, I know it was getting ridiculous, but we had to book my parents and Dave's mum as well so it was a mass booking. I've been feeling murderous just looking at how long our flight is, so any long haul flight suggestions are more than welcome. It doesn't really feel real yet though, knowing me it won't sink in until I'm standing at the bottom of the aisle.

The subject of Bridal Diaries this week, shoes. My minuscule heels for my wedding, and my quest to make them not unbelievably dull. If I told you all that I sent a slightly frantic email to Irregular Choice where I offered to bribe them with cake if they told me upcoming low heeled styles...yeah that happened. They were lovely and didn't seem to mind the slightly manic nature. I decided that the shoes I wanted didn't exist, genuinely the nice folks from Irregular Choice told me that the pair I loved, Irregular Choice Nanny Nuts, in Silver, Size 8 UK just did not exist. Oh I've gotten very excited to find them on various stores... not in my size though, sparkly buggers, and insult to injury they're on sale.

But, and it is a good one. I found a rather amazing bling crazy store on Etsy, who will make me my shoes in any heel height I want, unbelievably bedazzled, with custom heels. So that's not so bad is it? They will be epic.

More to the point, why is it so hard to get cute shoes in very low heels, seriously us tall girls deserve cute shoes too! It's ok if you're 5'1 and can wear a 6" heel without any fuss, if I do that I'm 6'5 and I get mistaken for a drag queen. Honestly folks sort it out. Thank goodness for the wonderful folks of Irregular Choice, it's just a shame I was a bit late on the Nanny Nuts.

But anyway, it's all good and custom shoes will be totally epic!

Much Love


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