Christmas Presents...For Me

For every two presents you buy I firmly maintain you should buy yourself one, it's the Christmas way after all. I've been doing quite well with my presents *smug face* mainly because I knew before I went out to the shops exactly what I was getting everyone. The only person I haven't bought for yet is Himself, I know you could say he's the main one but I just haven't hit upon the one thing I really want to buy him, I have lots of ideas though.

As I've been very productive, although I haven't yet put up my Christmas tree or anything! I haven't even bought Christmas decorations yet! Let's just sidestep that though, I've bought myself a congratulatory present of a rather fabulous pea coat.

I picked it out of this rather fabulous selection of women's military jackets. Guess how much it is? Go on guess...


It was £37.99 not even kidding, for a coat! I was seriously impressed! I cannot wait for it to arrive, so that I can wear it to the Christmas market with my black boots.

Of course I'm not awful, even though I haven't found his main present I still bought him something. You guys remember onesie-gate as I call it. When we both fought over the One Piece onesie, well I picked Himself up a little dupe from a whole selection of cheap mens hooded onesies from Mary Jane Fashion. I feel like I've been a good missus!

Anyway, what is your way of getting yourself through Christmas?


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