Goodbye To 2013: A Year Goes By

2013 is waving us goodbye, can you believe it? I was thinking offhand about the year and thought to myself 'oh I don't feel like I've done anything productive this year' but Himself gave me a nudge to think about it a little more. To be honest this year has whizzed by, I think because we've spent a lot of it waiting for our new house to complete (6 months) it feels like it should still be July. This year has very much been split in three, the first third of the year we were looking for a house, still renting, on estate agents websites, until hurrah we found a house. We bid, we won, we packed.


I got to see Paloma Faith, went a bit mad with the online vintage shopping, discovered new restaurants and started planning the wedding.


Looking at every house for sale under the sun, driving ourselves crazy trying to understand mortgages and insurance. Eventually we saw a house we liked and bid on it. We bid, we won! Hurrah, but it didn't end there. We started packing everything up, ready to complete by July. But it didn't happen quite like that.  We moved back in with my mum and dad until the papers on our house were complete. It should have taken 2 weeks...4 months later.

We spent the summer in the countryside with my parents, it was lovely actually. With the gorgeous weather it meant lots of garden parties and rum drinking.



I saw in my 30th birthday this year, with my parents and my Mr.



Finally in the winter we moved into our new house! Much painting, flooring and online ordering, it's beginning to shape up and we love it.

So New Year, what are our resolutions?

For me I have a few, in 2014 I:

Will finish editing my two books and give them to my publisher (finally)
Will stop being such a stresshead
Spend more time learning how to properly fill in forms
Hire an accountant, because I am useless with accounts
Will promise to be consistent with my freeweights
Will take a make up lesson
Will perfect my cat eye liner
Will be more daring with my fashion choices
Will get married!
Will believe in myself more

So those are my resolutions!

What about you guys? What are your resolutions, and what were you the most proud of this year?

Much Love

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