Mad About The Boy: Christmas For Himself

I've said it loads of times, Himself is not that hard to buy for. The problem is we've been together so long that I'm running out of things to buy him. Thankfully there's always gadget things to ensure that Himself is a happy chappy. I find that the fine folks at the big gaming houses keep bringing out new things which for me is fabulous as it means that there's always something that I know he will want. Easy streets right?

So Himself's Christmas list to Santa this year will probably contain the Xbox One, now I have an Xbox 360 so this isn't beyond my frame of reference, but this one is apparently all singing all dancing. I always find that I glaze over a bit around the eyes when people tell me computer specs but this has got my Mr all excited. So maybe Santa will bring it...who knows?

Second up, something that I love and I know he would, the rather gorgeous men's Tag Heuer watch I heart it. Did you all see Brad Pitt modelling it? Be still my heart Mr Pitt. I always think a really good watch is an investment, I was thinking of buying him a lovely one for our wedding day, what do you guys think?

Last up on Himself's wish list is the Sonos system. This gizmo is designed to let you control the music through all of your house.  Each speaker has a built-in modem that bounces your wifi signal around your home allowing it to function independently or as part of a home entertainment surround system.  Watch a movie at home, listen to it in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom or even have each speaker playing something entirely different.  Control a radio station in Buenos Aires, your iTunes collection and the DVD volume all with your iPhone, iPad  Be warned, they are not cheap so you might not want to promise one to every room in the house. 

These are the top of the Mr's list of goodies, I'm not sure what he'll get, it depends if he's been good. Santa may be bringing none of it! Is Santa bringing any of these to your house, maybe if he is you can come and install our Sonos system if Santa brings it as I have no clue!

Much Love


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