2 Second Style Change: Extension Heaven

 When we were moving house Himself picked up a Bose stereo box, he held it aloft like it was the Lion King, a joy because he thought to himself 'Wow I just found a Bose stereo Dawn must have forgot she had' on opening the box he was expecting a beautiful shiny high end stereo; instead he got a box full of hair. Boom. Welcome to living with me.

The Bose box contained my netted hair extensions, lots and lots of hair extensions.I love my extensions, they're good to add colour, thickness and big hair texture to any look that I'm working. A while ago I got this fabulous fringe piece.

Now because I don't really have the hair type that can support a fringe, especially a shaped one like this I can't cut it into my hair. Actually I did implore my hair dresser a few years ago to give me a fringe and she told me I wouldn't like it, lo and behold a few days in, I didn't like it. So I've learnt, thankfully a clip in fringe is a simple way to transform your look. It worked well for me, especially when I see someone with an amazing blunt fringe and the fringe madness comes on me. I can whack in my clip in fringe and get it out of my system without ending up trying to spend months growing it out.

I've also been a long time user of coloured hair extensions. These ones I bought in cyclamen pink hair extensions that simply clip into your hair which were the same colour as my ombré at the time. You seriously have to love a pink ombré, they nestled well into the hair to add a bit more colour and length to my then shoulder length hair. A vital addition to my hair collection I thought anyway. I think I also have a half head wig that clips underneath your hair and gives you a massive Kardashian curly mane. That's probably in another Bose box somewhere.

Of course another benefit to the clip in fringe is that you can put it on your pug when you take it off and make them look hilarious!

Oh Molly I'm sorry!

So are any of you guys hair extension users?

Much Love

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