Beautiful Things: Jewellery Love

 I love jewellery, I especially love jewellery that you can wear all the time without the fear of green marks on the fingers (attractive). I keep meaning to do a little post about my daily jewellery, and I will if you guys fancy it. Today it's a little post just about a piece I got for my birthday, I couldn't remember if I had shown you this but it is my most favourite thing.

My gorgeous rose gold bumblebee from Alex Monroe. Himself bought me it for my birthday this year and I have to admit I had my eye on it for a long time. It was the anatomical detail that I liked most, there are a lot of rather shoddy copies out there so always go for the original is my advice. Isn't it pretty?

I wear it all the time, except in the shower, so I'm hoping it won't tarnish or anything. Have you guys got any of the Alex Monroe range, do they tarnish?

As I'm awful I've had a peek at what my next needed items will be. That's ok isn't it? Say it is, ok even if you think that's awful have a look at these.

I need these, need them!

Alex Monroe gold charm bracelet, minature dragonfly, clover and butterfly. Just so gorgeous, I just want it! There are some designer charm bracelets on sale so if you could just tell himself for me, that would be amazing thanks!

Second on the list is this bad boy. I die, isn't it amazing? I am obsessed with statement necklaces, I'm not one for all crystals all the time so I love that Shourouk have added rainbow stones to this phoenix necklace. Some of you may have seen Sarah Jessica Parker in the all bejewelled one, I love this though as it looks like you could get away with it with more versatile pieces. 

I need this before I go to LA in April. For those of you who don't just want necklaces there are also some amazing Shourouk earrings out there. Aren't they amazing. 

*large sigh*

So girls that's all from me, what's currently on your *must have* jewellery list?

Much Love

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