Decor Debates: We Move Upstairs

One of the things about moving into a house that's a blank canvas, is although you don't have to start dealing with someone else's awful decor it can be quite intimidating. In my last post I was showing you all a little bit of our living room but now I've moved my attention to our bedroom and I'm desperately trying to work out what colour I want it to be. Always a good start!

The first thing we bought for our bedroom was this utterly massive dresser. We really needed it! It is where all of our undies, pajamas, and lounge-wear lives, Himself also has his t-shirts and jeans in it. With such a massive white piece of furniture in the room I'm thinking I might have to use more white furniture in the room and design off that.

At the minute I love the idea of a grey colour of paint, with a really ornate wallpaper on our main wall. Everyone looks at me as if I'm mad when I say grey paint in the bedroom but I think it'll be nice, more of a dove grey rather than an institutional grey! 

I'm also a little bit obsessed with this bed, I love a big metal bed, I'm currently trying to consider whether or not to go white or go with reclaimed wood. I think I'm so keen on a lovely big bed because I know that upstairs in our spare room/office I'm going to have to go with metal midsleeper beds or look at different types of high sleeper beds to fit in a guest and all of our office things!

I've been checking out loads of wallpapers for my main bedroom wall, this is my current front runner!

I love it!

Grey wallpaper, yay or nay?

Much Love

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