Fitness and the Girl: Shaping Up in Water

I've been meaning to do a fitness post for a while now and I have a few more fitness posts I'd like to share with you but for now I wanted to float an idea.

Last year I started going swimming again, mainly because I have a knee injury from Zumba, yes really! Be careful folks that are doing zumba, I managed to injure my patella two years ago and it still flares up. Anyway one of the ways I was told to rehabilitate it was by swimming, because the water is low impact and I would be able to exercise it without hurting it.

Now I know I'm not the only girl who shuddered at the prospect of swimsuits, it took me ages until I found a swimsuit that I loved, eventually I stumbled across this Zoggs one in House of Fraser. I didn't know they did swimsuits, I knew Zoggs have a wide range of goggles but that was the extent of my knowledge.

Halter neck bliss, little bit of vintage styling with the polka dot red band and really beautifully shaped. Much, much love for this swimsuit, so this is the one I bought and have been wearing swimming since.

Recently I discovered there was such a thing as Aqua Circuits, now I discovered this off the back of re-injuring my knees doing a 'Legs Bums and Tums' class at the gym, so back into rehab mode I go. Aqua Circuits is at my local leisure centre but it's a class, and normally when I'm going swimming I slink into the water as quickly as possible to avoid seeing people. I also usually try to go when I'm off in the early afternoon because then I see very few people. 

You may be thinking 'Ack jeeez Dawn get over it, no-one cares' but I care folks, I care. So the prospect of a whole class of people it fills me with dread, even my lovely swimsuit doesn't help with that. I'm thinking about buying the matching Predator Flex goggles from Zoggs which are very reflective and perhaps I can use as part of my disguise. Hell why don't I just throw in a trenchcoat and trilby and really finish off the look.

I think it would be really good, a proper cardio workout, just in water so I don't aggravate my injuries but I need to get past the 'everyone is going to see my wobbly bits' mentality. 

Any thoughts folks?

Much Love

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