Pink It's Like Red But Not Quite: A Sneak Peek At Valentine's Goodies

I came home after a long day where I pretty much got drenched, frozen, and thought I would cry from the coldness of it all to find this little beauty waiting for me, it totally perked me up. A gorgeous personalised washbag from Coty and NYC, I should point out inside were tons of compartments and a hanger for when you need to hang it up. I have to say I was so chuffed as I don't actually have one and with the wedding coming up and me needing to essentially pack all of my skincare bits and make up and well everything, it is much appreciated.

Before you all roll your eyes at me I'm going to be mentioning the V word, steady on... yup Valentines. I know it isn't even February but inside the wash bag were treats!
I'm going to be doing some looks with these little goodies closer to Valentines but I just wanted to show you them for now.

First up, lipstick gorgeousness. Candy Rush, which is a light corally pink, and Flirty which is a bolder pink. I'm loving the Candy Rush as it isn't too overwhelming as a colour and I think most people can pull it off, plus you have the added benefit that they're £1.99 each so you can afford to try lots of different colours.

You want some flirty nails, I got you covered. NYC have these amazing colours. Long Time Lavender is just my absolute favourite, it's this candy lilac, almost frosted colour. Put it together with Bubblegum, a very peppy pink and finish it off with Oh Soho Sweet a pearlised peach and your nails are going to be immense. At £2.49 a bottle I say buy all three and go mad. When I take my gel polish off I'm looking forward to getting these on!

As an extra little treat, I also got a chance to sniff some of the very romantic fragrances for Valentines. First up, Kate Moss Signature. I really like this one, it's a soft, powdery, musk that has lots of rose scents in it. A lovely pretty fragrance. Fans of the original Stella will like this one.

Guess Girl is all pink and pretty, very fruity and vibrant. This is a scent that definitely will be a favourite with younger girls. It has berries, jasmine and rose and is something that is a must for the teens. Those of you who are regular readers will know I reviewed Guess Girl Belle in the summer, check it out here.

I love the Kate Moss scent for the day, go and give it a sniff if you're in the vicinity of a bottle! If you like your scents, bright, sweet and fruity then absolutely give the Guess Girl a quick spritz!

So that's my sneak peak at Valentines goodies from NYC and Coty. Don't all shout at me for talking about Valentines so soon into the year, January is grim and I like seeing pink and red lovely things in the shop. I don't think it matters if you're single or in a relationship, there's always room for some pink goodies!

Anyway girls, much love

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