The Best Thing I Did For Myself In 2013: LVL Lashes and HD Brows

That's a big header isn't it?

The best thing I ever did for myself in 2013...I know. If I asked you though, what is the best thing you ever did for yourself? Well can you think? It has to be something purely selfish that is completely for your own benefit. I can tell you what the best thing I think I've done for myself in a long time is, more to the point I can show you...

You'll laugh though, perhaps for some people it's night classes or things like that, for me it's been going and getting my brows and lashes done. I've been a long term user of lash extensions, for about ten years! I know! A couple of months ago I posted about my HD Brow adventure, and that was the jumping off point, when I got my brows done at Christmas I also went and had an LVL treatment done on my lashes. I honestly do think they're the best things I've done for myself in ages.

Those are my lashes! MINE! No glue, no extensions, no fibers or trickery. The LVL lifts the lashes from the root giving them that lovely fan look. I honestly didn't think I would be as pleased as I am with them but I am DELIGHTED. I had them done three weeks ago, and they're still fabulous. Bear in mind I cleanse every night so the lashes are being wet but it hasn't ruined the curl at all.

The fabulous Dee from Studio D in Belfast who did my HD Brows did my LVL, didn't take long at all, about half an hour max.

My lashes were impossible to curl, they just wouldn't. No matter how many heated curlers I bought, I could be there all day curling and curling and they'd be curly for about ten minutes then straighten back out, so this for me was a good plan.

If you're like me and you have poker straight lashes this might be something that you'll really benefit from. I'm loving mine, I've already booked another set of brows and LVL before the wedding so my lashes are looking their best.

I'm also still loving my brows by Dee, I've been growing them and Dee has just shaped them for the second time. 

So that's the best thing I've done for myself in a long time, I think I'm addicted now though. I have found though that I'm able to wear less make up because I don't have the faff of extensions or the pain that my super straight lashes gave me trying to get them to do something.

So if you've been wondering what LVL is and considering it, it gets the proper thumbs up from me.

Much Love

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