This Old House: Getting Our DIY On

We've been badgering away on our new house, there always seems like so much to do. When we bought it it was a blank canvas, everything was white and nothing had any personality. So we're now imposing some of our personality, pin ups, pugs and massive cushions. As such I've had Himself working very hard, he's much cheaper than a contractor and I can pay him in cake, apparently most joiners don't take that as payment.

We have a lot of books and DVDs, a lot! My entire drama library, academic, fiction, we also have far too many DVDs so storage became a real issue. Himself decided he had a plan and with the help of his trusty drill off he went!I feel like I should get him some of the hi vis clothing for DIY and a tool belt!

So we started out with this! Massive planks of wood!

We have to house all our collections and Himself, thankfully has a plan!

Molly as you can see is thoroughly unimpressed and uncaring about helping, also check out my new curtains which had just arrived and weren't up!

Himself starts working away, he's already built one set of shelves and he's onto the second! I think I need to start getting him a proper workwear wardrobe as he's ruining all of his clothes with saws, I may have to purchase some workwear trousers. I'm really impressed though, he's had no training or experience he just has been drilling away!

Nearly finished!


More drilling!


Can we all take a second to love my 1950s style armchair too! See if you can spot all the pugs in this picture!

So this corner of our room is now done, and I'm afraid this weekend is going to be taken up with putting up my lovely Sanderson Dandelion print curtains. I can't wait though! 

So that's been our most recent DIY exploits! I'm very impressed with Himself!

Much Love

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