Valentines Boys: What To Buy Him

My inbox is coming down with loads of gorgeous press releases about make up, fragrances, flowers and frillies for Valentines Day, and they're all for the girls. I was pondering this a few days ago, what do I normally buy Himself for Valentines. In previous years I've bought him a two foot stack of zombie movies, be still my undead heart right? I've bought him box sets, chocolate and xbox games. Now none of these things are particularly romantic, but I just think it's better to buy him something he can use that is helpful rather than a random bear that gathers dust and gets thrown in the bin me unsentimental.

So what can you buy the boys for Valentines Day? Here are some suggestions from me.


Not just the preserve of the girls, nope, he likes chocolate too. Buy him a rather posh bar that he may not buy himself normally if you want to spoil him. Think Hotel Chocolat, or Thorntons.

Here's a whole cocoa based set, called Sunrise to Sunset.


You can treat him to his favourite aftershave, I always find it is me buying the smellies for Himself so if there's something you love the smell of on him, then stock him up! So whether it's Marc Jacobs, David Beckham, Chanel or even Old Spice it's a good one for a present!


Now I don't know about you guys but Himself isn't a big fan of receiving clothes as presents, it's clearly his inner ten year old! So I always feel like if I'm going to buy him clothes they kind of have to be cool, and things that also tick other boxes. I tend to buy him vintage band t-shirts, or movie t-shirts, or in the past a great, new pair of trainers from T J Hughes, which were like deck shoes that I drew on to give him his iconic Kiss Trainers!

Box Sets

I love a box set myself, but we are big movie fans in this house. Most guys have a show they've been watching or have loved in the past, from Walking Dead, to Breaking Bad, Freaks and Geeks or even He-Man. There are some brilliant sets out there and they are an absolute no fail option, a lot you'll get on offer for less than £25. So he'll be a pretty happy boy and you can get yourself a present too.

So those are my picks for any of you out there struggling with what to get your boys, hope it's been of some help and remember failing all that get yourself something from the underwear section that is a little more risque than you'd go for and present yourself in it as a present. That works just as well!

Much Love

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