Bow Down And Rise Up: Beyonce Rise Review

I can't be the only person who every so often blurts out 'Thurfboart' or 'Surfboard' maybe if you're going to be correct about it. In fact it became such a bad habit I stopped realising I was doing it, Himself would look at me and shake his head. Recently it's developed into a burst of 'I woke up like dis' , a veritable Beyonce tourettes is happening within me and I'm not entirely sure how to turn it off. I should be grateful in a way because it has put my Cinderella/Rockefeller ear worm to bed but it's driving me a little crazy. 

Anyway, as part of my Beyonce mania I was sent the new fragrance by Queen B herself, Rise. The box has sprays of gold flourishing all over it, rising up, volcanic really. When I whipped out the bottle to get a good sniff, it's a long bottle with almost a crown topper. A liberal spritz on the back of the hand heralded the sniff test.

I always prefer not to read the notes about the fragrance initially, I wanted to get a good smell before they told me what I should be sniffing.
My sniffs deduced this, it's sweet, there's muskiness, and some woodiness. There's floral in there but I can't pick it out, the initial hit of sweet is covering that a little for me.

I grabbed the notes on the fragrance to see how my nose did. Top notes of basil, bergamot and apricot, I thought I would smell the bergamot more, as I normally love it in fragrances. The top notes to me anyway don't seem as crisp or musky as I would have thought. The middle notes explain the sweetness, orchid, freesia and jasmine, a really powerfully floral middle, with the apricot that takes the sweetness up a notch.

On the bottom, vetiver, cashmirwood and musk round out the woodiness of this fragrance. When I smell it the main notes are the apricot, the wood mix followed by the orchid and the musk. It reminded me really strongly of something when I first put it on, as it has settled and developed I worked it out, the apricot, jasmine and orchid blend reminds me hugely of Lady Gaga's Fame. It doesn't have the same honey mix as Fame but a more woody edge, they're very similar though, I think if you like Fame, you'll like Rise.

So that's all from me, just so you can go about your day and I can sing along, enjoy the video.

Much Love

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