Dinner, Drinks and Dachshunds: Weekend Hang Outs

Last weekend our friends and my bridesmaid Claire and Ali invited us round for a relaxed dinner. Yum. So with a little host gift in hand we popped round.

As Claire is mistress of cake this absolute beast was our dessert. I had some for breakfast the next day... seriously it just gets better.

I also took some proper sneaky chances to steal some kisses from Lola the sausage, we are buddies. Don't tell Molly though or I will be disowned.

My outfit of the night was a little navy dress, it's shorter than I normally go with but I love it. This is a very rare one for me, I never EVER take my cardigan off. Listen to me I'm like a middle age woman, ooo me cardigan. But I'm very anti arms so here's a rare one of me minus cardie! I hate having to look at pictures of myself, I think physically I have a really long face, horse like? Oh who knows!


So that was my 'what I wore' in an effort to get used to my photos in preparation for the wedding. How do you guys get used to it? Do you pose? Is there a good way?

Much Love

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