Getting Vegas Ready: Packing, Packing, Packing

My house at the moment is filled with far too many things. There are still boxes from when we moved, things still aren't organised and now I have two giant suitcases occupying my dressing room on the top floor.

It occurred to me about two weeks ago that not only am I planning a wedding round the other side of the world, I also have to pack enough things into my suitcase to make sure I have everything I need to get married and look presentable. Where everyone else has their personalised robes and scented candles, I'm thinking about baggage allowance and if the flight crew will hang my dress up separately or if they will count it as hand luggage.
I'm thinking about whether or not I should siphon off my skincare into tiny bottles, how much I'll really need, if I should bring all three of my favourite toners? I mean what if my skin changes over the course of the holiday and I don't have the right toner? So instead of having my entire bathroom of products I have a rather elaborate wash bag with many compartments.


So I've got my cases out and I'm gradually starting to fill them with the essentials, I'm trying to think about what I might need. What will I be doing in Vegas, what do I need to take? I've tried to think my way through the day, from my vitamins in the morning to shampoos and night creams. I'm trying to keep it light on the clothing side of things, a few dresses and a couple of pairs of shoes, I know all the fashion bloggers are horrified at the prospect but I'm trying to keep it scaled back, considering I have a wedding dress, a dress for my evening party, plus skirts and netting and all the rigmarole that goes with it, I do think less is more on the clothing front.

I'm planning on having some fun shopping, hello Sephora, Forever 21 and the M&M store I think we shall have all the fun. I am dreading my bill at Sephora, they just have so many brands I can't get here! Obviously apart from getting married, we'll be seeing Elton John, going to shows, and having a little bit of a gamble on all the slots, blackjack and maybe any online bingo sign up bonus that comes our way.There's so much to do but I don't want to pile loads of outfits in, so I'm thinking versatility and simplicity to some degree, the most important things will go in and after that it's whatever else fits. And by most important, I do of course mean 4 different toners...

Let me know your packing tips, what should I bring what should I ignore!

Much Love

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