Light Up, Light Up: Lit Compact Mirror Review

I recently was asked if I would like to review one of Pebble Grey's compacts and I have to say, of course! Don't you know they light up? I mean seriously, it's like a mini Broadway dressing room in your bag, awesome.

So I have to say I was really excited about this, they have a full range of various different mirrors, wall hanging and miniature. I'd actually been on their site before as I was looking for a light up mirror for my dressing room, I have these beautiful ideas of a fully lit dressing table of gauzy glowingness as I do my make up in the morning. So in miniature version of course I was going love doing a review on it.

I whipped out my mirror when it arrived, it's pretty heavy and comes very well packaged with a box, and a velvet bag, so it's rather luxe. It has a silver outer with the brand name on the outside, but on the inside is where it gets awesome. One side is a normal mirror and the other has little LED lights placed into the mirror. Six in all all glow around the left hand side of the mirror. It illuminates your face so you can look at it on the other side. I found that it was easier to look at the bare side and let the lit section light up your face. Mainly I think it's great as the bane of my life is when I look in the mirror and there's weird shadows over my face and it gives you odd lines. This way your face is always lit, let me tell you it does wonders for the self esteem!

It's a lovely little thing though, very swish and cute. I've had a couple of people ooooh and ahhh over it when I've used it so that's always a good sign. If I had to be picky I honestly would say that I think they should change their exterior, it's so beautiful and luxe on the inside and the outside lets it down a little. Perhaps a stainless steel or an enamel rather than plastic to really make it covetable, I think it's a fabulous little product and something that could be an amazing range.Would love to see the exterior changed a little, maybe some different colours. Oooooo I love the thought.

Anyway gang, that's all from me!

Much Love

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