My Tights Problems Solved: The Big Tights Company Review

Hey Guys,

I feel like it has been forever since I've been blogging, things have been hectic! The wedding preparations are picking up pace and the first batch of invitations have just gone out, there's another batch to go as well I'm just waiting on the printers. So that's very exciting. I'll be posting more about that later, promise. Anyone who is very annoyed that the bridal posts have been sparse will be sated, I promise.

Today though is an awesome review post. I've been very lucky in that I've been sent some fabulous hosiery to try! You guys have heard me rant, and rant and rant about tights. Can we take a minute to point out, I'm 5'10, I wear a size 16 and tights are impossible. They don't go up my legs, the gusset is taut mid thigh and that isn't nice for anyone. I can either go for the large which seems to have a taller leg, or the extra large which is for smaller people but also a bigger size. So either way I am in tights hell. Don't even attempt, patterned or coloured tights with me, yeah that's an absolute no go they just don't exist.

So when the amazing geniuses at The Big Tights Company sent me a selection of their current stock I was very, very excited. First of all blue tights, BLUE! A pair of classic black and a fabulous pair of bridal white hold ups. Now let me inform you folks, my experience of hold ups throughout my entire life has been them languishing around my knees which really isn't sexy. So I was very excited to see what these would be like.

First up, I tried on the blue tights. Really potent cobalt blue.

As Molly likes to be in all photos don't be surprised that she pops up. The blue is really vivid and the fit, they actually came up HIGHER than my waist. A miracle. They went the whole way up my legs, plenty of stretch and loads of extra room. I genuinely can say I don't think I've worn such well fitting tights ever! 

I love them! They add a very cool pop of colour to my intensely black wardrobe! If I had any criticisms it would just be that I love a 100 denier tight, or an 80 denier, these are a little bit less than that. But that's such a small thing especially when the fit is amazing.

As I don't ever get my legs out, its a bit odd for me to be staring at them, but just to show you all the fabulous fit and colour.

Included in my lovely pack were these amazing bridal hold ups. I actually tried these on to show himself, as normally hold ups are so short, these came right up to the top of my thighs! Amazing. I know for a lot of you who don't see tallness as an affliction you may be baffled at my delirium at tights that fit but it's a brave new world when you don't get vicious hosiery rubs from having them pulled so tight it's a cheese grater to your thighs!

Aren't they beautiful? I'm so completely chuffed that they fit! 

The fine folks at The Big Tights Company go allllll the way up to a UK 42, so they cater for all of you amazing plus size girlies. They've not been around long but they have a great selection, I really hope they grow and develop a fabulous range with some really thick deniers along with some great patterns. Would it be great to see some plus size tights with really up to the minute patterns?

Go and check them out!

Much Love

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