Pack Up Your Troubles: Inanitys Wedding Loves

You fabulous creatures already know that I'm flying off to Las Vegas to get married, and as such many of you have been wonderful and when you read my post about packing last week, have been giving me great tips. Thank you, thank you, thank you lovelies. Would you believe that I was in House of Fraser oooooohing and ahhhhing over the Biba feather capes, seriously the black crow ones oh my goodness, I just can't even. Anyway there I was and I got to talking to the sales assistant who happened to be an ex flight attendant and who gave me all the gossip about what I can take on the plane with me. So helpful, big thank you to her.

In the spirit of total fortuitousness, the next day I opened my inbox and one of my favourite skincare companies Voya had sent me a lovely press release about their new travel kit. An omen I shrieked and couldn't wait to try it out.

The set comprises a very cute little travel bag, the products are in miniature to make sure even if it's in your hand luggage your liquids will be ok. Organic skincare is always such a treat and Voya's is all made from seaweed, so it always feels so fresh and lovely.

Inside we have:
Ritzy Spritzy-Refreshing Botanical Toner
Me Time-Daily Facial Moisturiser
Cleanse and Mend-Hydrating Cleansing Milk
Maskerade- Hydrating Facial Mask

So you have a whole skincare routine in miniature, packed with hydration to help any airplane tired skin. I am obsessed with the Ritzy Spritzy, best name ever, but also lovely and refreshing little toner which when followed with the Me Time moisturiser gives a lovely cooling sensation to the skin.

Definitely great for all you travelers who want to keep your skin looking fresh, I will be taking mine with me in my hand luggage, 12 hours of flying, that Ritzy Spritzy toner and moistuiser will be getting a serious workout. Lots of seaweed organic goodness on my skin will do wonders for my morale in that airplane with all the recycled air!

If you want to check out their range, I love their balm cleanser, you can find them here.

Thanks Voya, I really appreciate it!

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