Valentines In A Cup: Last Minute Pretty Present

So you're wondering what to buy yourself or your lady for Valentines, you've ambled around stores until you can no longer face the prospect of any more pink or red. Maybe you haven't even done anything, well you may find this helpful. This lovely little teacup is by Kirsty Allsop at Marks and Spencers and it's quite a treat. 

Originally I got sent it as part of Marks and Spencers secret santa but it managed to get itself lost so it arrived with me in January and I have to say it really has been perking up teatime.

Rather lovely floral and polka dots, with a very delicate cup, it's looking very well in my cupboards at the moment and I like to pull it out when I have guests over. If you're looking for a little Valentines present you can't go too far wrong here. Failing that I say buy it for yourself if you like it and enjoy the little floral side plates.

A very vintage style, mix and match but it does look lovely together. Check it out next time you're in Marks and Spencer.

Much Love and cake

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