My Modernist Inspiration: Dining Room

furniture can be found at

I've been trying to get my head around decorating our house, it's so ruddy hard. I have more Pinterest boards than I care to tell you about. I've started putting together some boards for various ideas I have. Some of them include things I've put on my wedding list. If I told you how many lamps are on that list you'd die. I'm obsessed with Abigail Ahern lamps at the minute so there's about a million on our wedding list.

I thought I'd share my inspiration mood board for our dining room, which features our wedding cutlery, the most radical banana bowl ever and rather fabulous modernist furniture from

This is my little quick guide to putting together that modernist look pretty simply and effectively, no mess, no fuss.

Give me your thoughts on how you create your own modern design!

Much Love

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