Summer Scents: Guess Girl Summer Review

Summer fragrances are always a difficult market to judge, often perfumes I love bring out lighter versions for the summer months. They just tend to last a bit less, and I always regret buying them. So when I was sent Guess Girl Summer for review I was wondering what exactly it would be like. In summer I like to keep it very fresh, lively almost cooling. It's as if when the months get hotter you want your perfume to feel like it is keeping you smelling really fresh. In winter I like to opt for those big bold spicy warm scents, they keep you toasty.

So I whipped Guess Girl Summer out and was pleased to see that they have kept their aesthetic, the floral top, the classic shaped bottle, in a bright sunny yellow. It definitely looks summery. Aimed at the teenage market this bottle feels very on message, it's pretty and cute and has the benefit of being able to collect the full range.

I gave it a quick spritz to see what it would smell like, I deliberately didn't read the accompanying notes so I could go into the sniff test not knowing anything about it. On first sniff it's pure citrus, zingy and bright. I'm a fan of Gucci Rush which on me has a real orangey scent and this reminds me a little of it. Gucci Rush is one of those love or hate scents but honestly this isn't the same. There's a burst of citrus but underneath it there's some florals and a much softer edge to the whole scent. In all a really lovely light fresh scent, it isn't going to compete with the really super fresh fragrances but it is really lovely light and wearable.

Having a peek at the scent profile the top notes are bergamot, neroli and mandarin orange, this certainly explains the citrusy punch, underneath the middle notes rose, waterlily and orange blossom. There's a real sweetness but it isn't overpowering, it mixes rather nicely with the citrus. On the bottom there is musk, teak and vanilla orchid, which adds a nice woody base and rounds off the whole scent.

The scent as a whole is definitely my favourite from the Guess Girl range, the citrus really gives it a lovely light punch. It is a very balanced scent and perfect for the teenage market, although personally I do think it isn't a hard scent for anyone to pull off, it's lovely and light, perfect for summer. Great little scent.

Much Love

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