Cheeky Cheeky: NYC Beautifying Blushable Review

I'll warn you right now folks, this post contains pictures of me with no make up...

You still with me? Well lets continue, I do love a cream blush but sometimes the consistency is a bit odd. I bought Dainty Doll cream blush but the consistency was a little hard, it just didn't spread nicely at all. It put me off for a little and then this one from NYC landed on my doorstep.

I wasn't wearing any make up when I tried this out as I was having such a lazy day. Sometimes if my skin is looking passable I like to just add some blush for a natural flush and leave it there. So I grabbed the tube, twisted it up and slicked it on my cheeks like war paint. Unlike the Dainty Doll which I think was just too waxy, making it hard to spread in my opinion; the consistency of this is much creamier.

Colour wise it gives a rather lovely flush, I'm very pale but this didn't sit out on my skin in any odd way. It blended nicely and came out in a duskier pink than I thought it would.

This was my rather lovely colour, much duskier than the other orange or reddy hues. I think it makes it much, much easier to wear as well. It has a rather lovely powder finish so there's no shiny residue.

Rather lovely little bargainilicious piece, I highly encourage all fans of cream blush to go into your local NYC stockist and try it out on your hand see what you think!

Much Love

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