Summer Lovin Quiz: Find Out What Your Perfect Holiday Is

We've been back in Ireland after our wedding trip for three weeks. Three whole weeks. I can't impress upon you all how glum I am to be back and not hanging out on the Strip or walking the Venice Boardwalk.

Claire from French For Cupcake and I kickin' it in Vegas
It's gotten so bad I've found myself perusing flights back to Vegas and other destinations so I have another holiday to look forward to. Too many hours have been spent doing that, so when a holiday quiz popped into my inbox, I took no persuasion to do it. It's worthwhile noting that I've gotten a bit obsessed with those Buzzfeed quizzes, I've even done one to find out what kind of Unicorn I am, Pegacorn in case you wondered.

The fabulous folks at Irish based Falcon Holidays have made it even easier for people to find out what their perfect holiday should be, in fact the quiz is based on your answers to questions such as, 'what do you like to do on holiday, how long do you want to fly for, how hot do you want it' and it will tailor your holiday to exactly what you want. Swish right? Based on their destinations and your answers, the quiz will find out what holiday destination will suit you best. When I did the quiz, it took no time at all, I picked my holiday gear, flip flops, cocktails, balmy and apparently I should go to Turkey, I've never been to Turkey, what's it like folks, I might have to investigate that!

Now Falcon have also decided it isn't quite enough to just sort out your holidays they also want to give you a little something...When you take the quiz you can win 1 of 2 iPad Minis to take away with you on holiday, hurrah so you can watch tv as you lie on the beach or read a book. Pretty nifty.

So find out what your perfect holiday is at the Falcon Holidays Sunshine Selector, and win yourself an iPad Mini!

Much Love

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