The Return: Hen Party Cahoots

Hello lovelies, I have returned! This time for good! 

Where have I been and what have I been doing? Well my loves I've been away getting married! So I have loads to share with you, absolutely loads. So many pictures, I won't bore you but if any of you are friends on my Instagram you've probably seen them. Check them out!

Today I've gone right back to the start of April and I'm talking Hen Parties! My hen party to be exact! My two bridesmaids Paula and Claire from French For Cupcake grilled me briefly and then went to work, what did I want what did I not want. I actually think I was very low maintenance as a bride as I really didn't want a lot of the trappings.

I recently got sent an infographic all about hen and stag parties, more importantly what the boys think the girls do, those boys are very wrong! I've shared it here, I was thinking while reading it I'd share my own hen party with you all.

My girls decided to give me a very fabulous Dawn In Wonderland Hen! They'd asked me did I want to go away? Well I thought as I was flying away to Vegas a couple of weeks later I'd be a bit cheeky thinking we should go away before then. I know lots of girls do go away, we had a gorgeous open air tea party with cocktails, Japanese food and drinks, and CUPCAKES. 

Look at my Wonderland themed cupcakes! Done by fabulous Claire from Lily Pink Bakery.

They were amazing I have to say. All my friends went mad for them, understandably so! We drank cocktails, played games, there was even a Wonderland themed pinata! I don't think I disgraced myself too much with the Mr&Mrs game, I got most of them right!

We all stayed in Belfast and just had the most glamorous night, it was so, so pretty. Can we have a look at my head piece for the occasion...


The girls were told, the dress code was tea dresses, I think I accidentally fell into that without even realising my usual outfits are tea dresses! We kept it classic with a little sash though! Got to keep up with some traditions!

Flamingo picks! Pink straws! My girls were very busy!

Mama Pants, Me, Lovely Jo, and Gorgeous Bex, some of my hens! The Bunny theme continues.

The question of course that comes with every hen, and also was an interesting read on the stripper or not to stripper?

What do you guys think I went with?

Not of course! I wasn't even just doing that thing where I say not and then expect one to turn up. It was a fully fledged, 'No thank you very much, please do not put that in my face' no to a stripper. It seems I'm not alone in that though, as a lot of women have moved away from the classic stripper based party.

When we hit our restaurant, it was flamingos and sweets and fabulousness....oh yes all the flamingos!

Our dining room was filled with inflatable flamingos! Totally keeping my Alice in Wonderland theme! We loved our flamingos, even when guys walked by telling us they liked our 'pink ducks'.

We had a lot of fun posing with those flamingos!

The bridesmaids, and Paula's sister Fiona, don't they look fancy in their hats, this was a very classy Hen!

Caroline and Karen. armed with their cocktails and Drink Me straws, obviously!

That was my Hen party, I have to say it was totally stunning, and I haven't been to any like it. Such a beautiful night, and the girls put so much effort into it all!

How about you guys, what was your hen party like, or what would you like? Where do you stand on the stripper debate?

Much Love

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