Wedding Memories: Inanity Gets Married Part One

Hello my lovelies,

Today's post is perhaps ruthlessly self indulgent. I apologise in advance for that although blogging by nature is pretty self indulgent. I decided to do a wedding post (or three) all about the day, mainly because I love reading them and I thought it might be nice to put it all down before I forget, or maybe some of you will find it entertaining...who knows!

We flew to Vegas on Sunday, 20th of April. Our week was meant to be fairly relaxed but I had still quite a lot to do, although having three wedding planners certainly made life easier. Monday was spent getting our marriage licence, did you know the Clarke County Court House has its own marriage license building, I suppose it is Vegas!

I have to show you my favourite dress, I bought it before I flew out! SWANS!

I also have to show you my hair rose, which came with two love birds nestled in it, I have to say I barely took it off the whole trip. The one thing that struck me when we arrived in Vegas was mainly that my skin went absolutely mad. Completely and totally out the window. I was all red, spots started to look like a rash, everything was going weird. I have annoyingly decent skin most of the time and my skincare regime I'd brought with me to Vegas (enormous) had to be totally scrapped, as everything was making me ITCH. Poor Dee from Studio D who does my brows and lashes had many a panicked message from me as my skin reacted more and more. She being the sage woman pointed out this was probably a stress reaction and to scale it all back. So I did. No skincare apart from a little SPF and no make up at all, my skin was left to its own devices to let it calibrate again.

No make up, not even the filter could hide that rash
I didn't mind so much though, we were in Vegas, it was sunny, no-one knew me (apart from my family). Dee was right about the stress though, the stress of not falling sick before the wedding, the stress of trying not to forget anything, not having bad skin, still fitting into your dress, trying to keep my arms out in the photos so they weren't all filled with my arm fat, not eating too much salt so I bloat. Seriously the stress list went on. The thing was, and I realised this after the wedding, none of it even mattered. More of that later.

So on Monday we went down to the Marriage License Bureau which in case you wondered, in Vegas, looks like this! 

It had to be the strangest atmosphere of any heavily queued government building! People were getting cheers as they got their licenses, we had opted for a pre registration so got into the quick line and chatted to some Canadians about their wedding that afternoon. Strange place!

Here is the Mr, outside the Marriage License Bureau in the sunshine. There were lots of guys around there selling their wedding chapels oh and the wonderful offer of 2 for 1 divorces, I hope that's a real thing because I laughed so much at the prospect!

We popped down to Freemont Street, granted it only really comes alive at night, but we were only round the corner. 

Tuesday was designed to be my Bridal Shower, the boys were going to have a Mini Stag, they had opted to go to Kiss Mini Golf, which just made me laugh but they had a good time. My mum, Claire, me and my mother in law all went to the gorgeous French bistro Mon Ami Gabi. Where we sat on the balcony watching The Strip.

Mama Pants and My Mother In Law

I have to say the balcony was glorious, but I got ridiculously burnt from the sunshine, even though it was a windy day and didn't feel overly warm.

Mainly we drank champagne, lots and lots of champagne in the sunshine. We had lunch and we watched everyone go by, which in Vegas is always eye opening.

It's a pretty good view!

My wonderful bridal dessert

The Bellagio, we waited for the fountains all day! Well it felt like all day anyway!
Lovely Claire rehydrating
We really did have a brilliant time and the Bridal Shower was the perfect way to relax before the wedding!

So that's the start of my wedding posts. Next...the wedding!

Much Love

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