Wedding Memories: Inanity Gets Married Part Two

Hello Lovelies,

Today we're on Part Two, The Wedding Morning! If you missed Part One, it's here. I've been really enjoying putting these together, and I hope you're enjoying reading them too. Today is the turn of the morning of the wedding, I've been dying to share them and it's great to finally get the chance.

It's a nice day for a white wedding

The morning of the wedding, was bright and clear, here was the view from our room. I took it at 9am when I was just out of the shower and getting ready for the day. I have to say it was a surreal experience, I was standing there thinking 'I'm getting married today' overlooking Vegas, waiting for something to happen. 

I sat on our sofa by myself drinking water and my bridesmaid Claire soon arrived with my breakfast from Starbucks downstairs, tea and a protein box, filled with grain crackers, cheeses and fruit. They were my favourite.

We both relaxed, sitting side by side, drinking our tea, preparing ourselves for the day ahead and the impending arrival of our hair and make up team from the amazing Amelia C. When Amelia and Alana arrived armed to the teeth with make up (praise the lord) we got the room arranged, the make up chair was set up!  

Hair and make up stations

The girls went to work while I sipped my tea on the bed. We played Lana Del Rey and talked about Harry Potter, and the most comical make up situations they have ever been in. Amelia told us how a recent bride had to be straddled to have her make up applied as she just was too nauseated to stand up! So Amelia just put it on astride the bride, what a superstar! 

This also brought up some of Vegas' unbelievable services, like the casino doctors who for a fee offer a service where they can come out give you a B12 shot, hook you up to an IV and rid you of your hangover in your hotel room, ready for the big day! Only in Vegas eh?

So while I relaxed and the girls got beautified the atmosphere was really calm, honestly there was no flapping, no panicking. It was quite still and quite peaceful, I highly recommend keeping the prep time before the wedding restricted to as few people as possible.

Amazing bridesmaid hair

When it was my turn in the chair I was so glad I'd hired the girls to do hair and make up. I just showed Amelia a quick picture of what I wanted and she instantly knew. There were no trials, no fuss just the calm ease of professionals who have done this a million times.

People had said to me was I not going to do my own hair and make up for the wedding as I am pretty good with make up and hair, but honestly it was never an option. I realised I'd made the right call when I was sitting in Alana's make up chair as she air brushed me with foundation covering my sunburn. I can do my make up for every day but bridal make up is a completely different kettle of fish. The pressure as well of trying to do it yourself, I just couldn't have done it, I would have driven myself crazy.
Top advice, hire someone really good to do your hair and make up!

Bridesmaids, all done and glam!

I sat there, sipping my champagne as I had my make up done, overlooking The Strip, really stress free. Alana finally was finished and she said to me, 'have a look' so I turned to the mirror at my side and I was actually blown away. Like WOW. All the things I'd been worrying about, my skin, my sunburn, they all vanished as the girls had just done the most wonderful job. I actually felt pretty and I was so, so happy with what they'd done.
Next up, The Wedding! 
Much Love

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