Inanity Gets Married, Part Four: The Reception

Part four, crikey. Well after our wedding ceremony and photos in Caesar's Palace we jumped in our limo where the lovely driver had some cold beers at the ready for us. In 30 degree heat I have to say we really needed them. We drove back onto The Strip and over to The Venetian for our reception. Thankfully our guests had already been taken over in their limos and were being treated to a cocktail reception.

We had picked one of the gorgeous private dining floors at Canalettos overlooking St Mark's Square for our reception. There were fabulous singers in the square outside singing Tosca, which drifted its way through the windows. We had the most enormous dinner, all six courses, I'm not even joking I was in a corsetted wedding dress. I COULD NOT MOVE. It was so lovely though, just the eleven of us, getting spoiled by the staff and relaxing. It felt really private and lovely.

Our view was lovely and we did some quick posing for photos. Before we knew it dinner was over and we were moving on. It seemed to go by in such a flash, it was 8pm and we got ready to leave The Venetian so we could go to our final destination and party.

We headed down to Nine Fine Irishmen, the very fabulous Irish bar and restaurant to complete our night with drinks and dancing. I decided the best option was to get changed into my second dress, which was the cream version of my bridesmaids dresses. It was so nice to get my legs back again. Although I loved my wedding dress it was not suited to dancing. So a much lighter dress was brought in!

It was nice to grab a picture with my bridesmaid in our dresses!

We had a big table of food, that none of us could manage, I think when I booked that I must have been hungry! We sat back and relaxed to the fantastic live band and obviously got some excellent requests in. Myself and the new Mr did some dancing, of course! We also sat outside on the patio, and because this is Vegas, even though it's midnight it was still warm and lovely. It was so relaxing.

Finally, nothing quite says end of a wedding than the late night trip to the 24 hour Starbucks in the hotel to get a cup of tea before bed. I know rock and roll or what?

My mum managed to get my red rose and dahlia bouquet home to Ireland, where she put it on my grandmother's grave, which made me a little tearful but it was nice that she was included. I had my two lucky sixpences in my shoes which have been in my mother and my great aunts shoes on their wedding days, I had my great great aunts 200 year old silk hanky which again all the brides in our family have had. It was just the most wonderful day. It goes so quickly and I was looking forward to our reception back home as I was so looking forward to wearing my dress again!

So that was my Vegas day!

Next up Belfast.

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