Inanity Gets Married Part Three: The Wedding

Finally, the wedding!

Well I was all made up and ready to go, laced into my dress my bridesmaids, mum and dad and I left our hotel rooms. For those of you not familiar with Vegas, you have to walk through casinos and they're quite busy, so the girls walked one in front and one behind, to run any interception but also to carry my veil! When we hit the casino floor filled with restaurants and bars people shouted 'Congratulations' and my favourite 'Now that's a bride!' I was a little embarrassed to start with but people meant it with such happiness that it was hard not to smile at these strangers wishing me well. We made our way out to the lobby as people continued to wish us well. Our limousine driver was waiting for us at the doors to take us to Caesar's Palace.

The black limo pulled out and onto The Strip and I had the most surreal moment of my life, sitting there in the back of this enormous black limo, surrounded by my parents and bridesmaids, in a wedding dress as we drove through the Las Vegas sunshine. I still wasn't particularly nervous though, but I was trying to soak it all in.

Just Married
We got to Caesar's very quickly and I grabbed one of the concierges to take me and the rest of the wedding party to our bridal room. It seemed to make more sense, Caesar's is shaped like a giant wheel and I didn't really know where I was going, we certainly didn't want to run into the boys. We got ensconced in the bridal room, which had an enormous mirror, all of our flowers. My wedding planner came in to pin the flowers on the men and take two out for Dave and Ali, who had arrived. My bouquet was also there, red roses and red dahlias, I loved it. The girls had their white roses because of their red dresses. We gave ourselves a few quick primps in the mirror, decided this was as good as it would get. Then the pianist started.

That's when I got nervous, standing in the room waiting for the Minister to check the ceremony with me. When he finally arrived we checked name pronunciations and ran through the participation aspects of the ceremony. Then it all felt blindingly real. The wedding coordinator lined up the girls and off they went. Then the bridal march started and it was me, and my dad and I walked out into the sunshine.

The ceremony itself is pretty much a blur, I don't think there were any issues, I didn't notice the photographers or the videographer. I saw Himself and that was pretty much it, I was very proud as he managed to hold it together, I kept making funny faces at him to lighten the mood. I'm sure my photographers loved that. Then, the ceremony was over and we were wed!

Totally cheesy shot but I love it
As you guys all know, I had been DREADING the pictures so when my photographer stepped up and said, 'lets go' I took a deep breath and just decided to calm down about it. We posed, we stood, we walked what seemed like miles through the hotel (the huge lobby at Caesar's all gave us cheers and a round of applause) for the best shots!

At one point we were running out of time, and I had to run, (no joke) up The Strip carrying my dress while people shouted congratulations, all for the perfect picture.

Me in my dress!

Finally I grabbed my dress as we ran up the escalators. Our time was nearly done and the limo was waiting to take us to The Venetian for dinner. We finally got the shot we wanted though...

The final shot, I worked hard for it!

Running up and down, my heels were actually bleeding, I was feeling a bit Romy and Michelle but it was well worth it!

Next time, our reception in Vegas!

Much Love

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