Walk On The Wild Side: Wild Essence Review

Halle Berry is back with another fragrance, it was a total hurrah moment for me. Mainly because the last Halle Berry fragrance I'd reviewed was a serious favourite with me; Closer is reviewed here. Her new fragrance Wild Essence is tagged as 'The Scent of Exotic Nature' Halle wanted to create the 'primal richness of nature in an effortless scent'.

Has she achieved it?

For me this is a strange fragrance, I don't mean that in a bad way; I actually think it's a positive. A lot of times celebrity perfumes are overly sweet, but Halle Berry's have been a little different from that combination. The top notes are bergamot, mandarin zest and black currant, the bergamot is nicely there, and I love bergamot in fragrance so I think it's a lovely addition. The middle notes are freesia in bloom, linden blossom, and white rose. The floral notes comes over really strongly after the top notes from the spritz pass, citrus is replaced by floral and musk.

The bottom notes are silk musk, white patchouli and sandalwood which provides a rich depth to the floral and citrus overtones.

What does it smell like?

To me there's a strong scent of roses and freesias there's also an undertone of musks to the settling scent. Once the scent is in place it smells like a garden, there is a hint of a more subtle sharper edge that takes this away from English country garden. It smells exotic, and potent, is it a rainforest? I don't know I've never actually taken a whiff of rainforest, but it does smell floral musky and sharper than the usual floral offerings.

The perfumer Claude Dir is in charge of this particular scent and for those of you perfume nerds out there you'll know he's responsible for Beyonce's Heat, Britney's Curious and many fragrances for Elizabeth Arden including one of my favourites, Green Tea the scent has a good pedigree, Arden, La Prarie and Hugo Boss are also on his resume.

I like it about half an hour after it settles on the skin, I feel like some of the tones war a little when that first spray and whiff happens. Once they all settle it is actually an usual and interesting scent, it's feminine but there's a little something extra that adds to the sensuality of the mix. I like that it's unusual, different and vibrant. It seems like this is very in keeping with the unusual edge of Closer.

I like it a lot, you guys have to give it a sniff if you happen across it!

Available Eau De Parfum 30ml RRP £14.95

Much Love

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