A Vintage Day Look: NYC Expert Last Gloss Review

Hello vintage lovelies,

Today it's a little post from me on a quick vintage inspired day look. I feel like I've been doing so much that I should be blogging about but I just haven't had the time at all. I'm going to be putting more vintage bits and pieces in because, fashion, beauty and home wise that's what I'm all about. I've a few really fun vintage post series in the works so do keep checking in.

Today I'm looking at the new range of Expert Last Gloss from NYC that I got sent. They're heavily pigmented and they stain the lips which I rather like as you keep colour when your gloss goes, when I swatched them on my arm it took quite a bit of make up remover to get them off.

The six shades that I was trying range from a pretty light pink in Chelsea Cherry Blossom all the way to a vampy red in Rockaway Ruby. If you want a really vintage red I really loved the Big City Berry, which will give you that 1950s siren red lip with no fuss.

Today I wanted to show you a 1960s easy day look. I mixed it up a little and did an elaborate cat eye and combined two of the colours for a slightly frosted 60s lip.

I slicked on Chelsea Cherry Blossom and then added Madison Square Mauve over the top to get that sugar frosted lip look with a little colour. I then followed it with my Stilla liquid pen liner which is the best I've ever tried as it does not budge. I lead with the flicks and kept them high and curved for  the 60s cat look.

The base is luminous with MAC Strobe Cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix and Nars Super Orgasm blush.

This is a really easy look to wear during the day, you've got all your vintage in the eyes and lip colour, but because you're wearing a light lip and your liner won't budge you won't need the same maintenance through the day as you would with a bolder lip. 

That's all from me

Much Love

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