A Sexy 50s Scent: Eau De Gaga 001 Review

The new fragrance by Lady Gaga is here and it's unisex.  It has in fact been pretty quiet on the Gaga front but now here comes a her brand new unisex fragrance called Eau de Gaga 001. A solid simple black bottle which not only doffs its cap to Chanel but pretty much bows down, it is more than a little evocative of the numbered Chanel scents, even the ‘001’ on the front speaks to an admiration.

Aside from the Chanel aesthetic the fragrance is much different. If you liked her first fragrance you may not automatically like this one. Like Gaga it’s unusual so this may be one which will divide opinion. My opinion though is that I heart it, and I heart it hard.

The scent is made up of big, diverse, enigmatic elements. Designed to create a powerful allure it mixes these scents to great effect. The white violet heart of the fragrance, mixes the woody with a potent lime freshness and then a base of sexy leather. Being a fan of Bottega Veneta I love leather in a fragrance and I am also a lover of a citrus burst, this has one of my favourite scents included, bergamot so this should be right up my street. I like it because it’s unusual, it has an unusual edge to it, it smells completely different on first spritz to its settled aroma. There’s a green leafy edge in there, I think it smells like basil, I can’t quite differentiate what it is, but there’s an earthy edge. Any fans of Illamasqua’s Freak might recognise the centre of the fragrance, it smells really similar, perhaps the belladonna is in both?

I wasn't a fan of the first initial spray, but there is a definite Earl Grey burst, I think that’s the bergamot but the second it calms it turn into a whole different scent, warmer and exotic, an earthier musk. I can’t put my finger quite on what it reminds me of, it’s very reminiscent of Thierry Mugler Cologne, and there is a real masculine edge to this but it softens, I think there’s a really sexy dynamic to the fact you or your partner could wear it.

This is one which I think is a grower, don’t judge it on first spritz, let it settle and see how you feel. It will change with different skin so try it out and see how it develops on you.

Much Love

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