Echoes of the 60s: Heat Wild Orchid Fragrance Review

Mrs Carter is back, she hasn't gone away, but is there anything this woman isn’t involved with? Well her new fragrance has hit, and it’s Heat Wild Orchid. Designed to be full of intense feminine energy, heat packs quite a floral punch.

It's composition is immensely floral. Butterfly orchid, pomegranate, coconut water, boysenberry, then straight into magnolia, honeysuckle and the key butterfly orchid. On the bottom its woods, skin musk and amber. It’s a heady mix, fans of Beyonce’s other scents I think will like this. Those who don’t like big  intense florals aren’t going to like this though I’m afraid.

So what’s the verdict, this is a pretty bold fragrance, it’s quite creamy and a little bit tropical from the coconut water, it's like Heat went on holiday and this is the result. It really reminds me of Britney Spears Fantasy and Katy Perry Meow. Fans of those scents may find something in this that they like. It's definitely my favourite out of all of her Heat range, it seems to be the most easily wearable and the most versatile.

I also have a bottle up for grabs for any readers who would like to try it. If you want to win just follow the instructions.

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Much Love

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