Flawless Vintage Skin: IMAGE Lightening Serum Review

I recently attended a fabulous event thrown by IMAGE to show off some of their new products. You may remember I reviewed their cleanser some time ago, and I was a fan of it. I was a bit unsure what to think of a lightening range, I'm against skin lightening in the whole from a race perspective. When I was chatting to the girls from IMAGE though and reading the literature surrounding the range I actually realised this isn't a product like those which are marketed toward lightening a racial skin colour. Instead this product is designed to take down rosacea, inflammation and redness from spots etc along with uneven skin tone. 

I've tried this product for a long time, over a month using it in bits and pieces, when I've felt I needed it. The first time I used it was after I had my HD Brows done, I normally get a little redness after. I think it did make a difference as I had no redness the next day at all. I am prone to inflammation on my cheeks, and often struggle with redness which I think comes from me being unable to leave my skin alone and a magnified mirror. I started using the IMAGE serum on my cheeks when they were particularly red after a cleanse. I noticed it did seem to make the redness much less noticeable.

The ingredients are botanical lighteners, grape seed, vitamin c. It is designed to be used to treat inflammation, so any skin treatments which leave redness or I'd recommend it for those horrid cystic spots that get very red, or even annoying redness form perhaps over zealous excisions (don't pretend you don't). It is definitely a topical treatment, I have noticed the redness has gone down on my cheeks. The treatment does last for 48 and less is most definitely more, I use perhaps one or two drops maximum.

If you're prone to redness this is a great product, but remember, less is more!

Much Love

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