Retro Tanning Chic: Glove Your Body

I got sent this rather adorably retro tanning glove from Gordon's Chemists recently. My very pale skin does need a bit of a bronze boost from time to time and I confess my sponge tanning mitts have seen better days. Also they tend to cover my hands in tan even though I'm wearing a mitt.

So the new Glove Your Body mitt was welcome.

Here's what you need to know. The Glove Your Body Mitt, is a furry design, it can be thrown into the washing machine and not be destroyed like other mitts tend to be after an hour on a hot wash. It also has very helpful finger holes inside so your application is smoother and easier. It's a bit strange putting tanning mousse or oil onto something so fluffy but it does actually buff it onto the skin, I think with it being so fluffy it tends to absorb the excess and reduce the patchiness. 

One thing I found with the mitt is you do tend to use a little more product at the start as it is dry and some absorbs, but once the mitt is mostly covered it gives a nice easy application.

What do you guys think? Fluffy tanning mitts?

Much Love


Mary Lou said...

oh how lovely look this leoprint glove i would feel bad to put oil on it as well but if it works so good it´s perfect!

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