Autumn Favourites : What I'm Using In The New Season

With the season changing it also means a bit of a shake up in my favourite make up and skincare. I've grabbed some of the pieces I'm using a lot at the moment to talk you through my favourite things.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Milk
Designed for dry to very dry skin, a real bonus with heat going on and skin drying out. I like this for a very light make up remover, it won't take off your eye make up but you just swipe it over your face with a pad. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel
Although I've tried countless times to find a foundation range I like better than Bourjois, I just haven't managed it. They're dewy, light and buildable. I think Bourjois are an unbelievably underestimated brand, I have to say they're one of my absolute favourites. I bought my 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation in bulk when they said they were discontinuing it. 

BDB Billion Dollar Brows
Quite simply it's mascara for your brows, adds colour and hold in one sweep, really handy if you're short on time and need a tint!

Bottega Veneta
My absolute favourite perfume, leather, spice. It smells like a library on a warm day. It is my absolute dream of a scent.

CND Vinylux Topcoat
This is a 7 day topcoat that you can put on top of any polish to increase the life of your polish. It's really hard wearing especially if you're keen on a polish that happens to chip. I use it for pedicures a lot, it's totally perfect for the nails and toes.

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Red Balm
Dr Paw Paw has released a tinted balm, hurrah! This is a lovely red that is really bright, it can be used on lips and cheeks, fabulous product which lives in my bag for when I need to freshen up my face or do a quick dewy rosy cheeked look in a hurry. Great little product, also very little goes a long way, you only use the tiniest bit.

MAC Strobe Cream
This one was recommended to me by Bex from Bexberry, along with L'Oreal Lumi Magique. I actually bought both and have finished the L'Oreal. The Lumi Magique is more illuminated with pigment but the MAC Strobe Cream has a real hydrating quality that leaves your skin lovely and soft. One thing I will say is the packaging with the pump dispenser for the L'Oreal is much better than MAC's very rigid tube. Even though I'm barely half way down it, it's tough to squeeze the product out. Sort it out MAC, great product otherwise, though if you're on a budget the Lumi Magique is every bit as good.

Neostrata Illuminating Serum
So the fact is if the word illuminate, glow, dewy or brighten is on a product at all I will buy it. I love anything that gives that lovely fresh look. This little serum from Neostrata is packed with vitamin C and plant extracts to brighten up your complexion. I've been using it at night and in the morning and I find my skin has been clearer any redness has cleared up. I'd been struggling with inflammation on my cheeks for months but since I scaled back on a lot of my products and started using this regularly my cheeks have totally cleared. I'm a really big fan. For my normal to dry skin too heavy a moisturiser can break me out, serums seem to be potent but much lighter. I love this one!

\NYC A Kiss On The Hudson Quad
I love these little tonal quads from NYC, they're great value and all four shades build up to give you a complete eye look from a highlight, block colour, corner crease etc. This one has a fabulous burgundy, peach tones, taupe and a skin highlight. You can do a really fast eye with this and they're only £2.99. Bargain.

NYC Peacock Nail Polish
Love this very fabulous teal like blue green. It's currently on my toes lavished in the vinylux to keep it perfect. A really unusual colour and like all jewel tones is amazing for autumn.

That's all from me folks, I hope you'll tell me what products you're using in the new season and let me know if you try any of these!

Much Love

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