Hellbunny Hearting: Where I Attempt To Buy Everything From Hellbunny

Pained face from too much camera smiling!

I love Hellbunny. I do. I have so many Hellbunny dresses it isn't even workable anymore. The thing that vexes me a little about the whole Hellbunny dress love is that I'm tall and my chest is a little longer so the bits that should sit under my bust never do. Dear Hellbunny please make a tall range, I will buy everything you make.

This though is my favourite dress of theirs, I actually bought it from French For Cupcake as she was selling it and I just love it. It doesn't seem to exist any longer though, if any of you do find one at the back of your cupboard let me know. I have it in different colours but it never really looks the same as this one.

I got a lot of emails after my Dr Martens post about the dress, so here's what you need to know. This is a Hellbunny Madden Dress, theres black spot ones which are hard to find and white spot ones, which are a bit too summery.

They have this shape over a few of their dresses, they've recently brought out more colours of my beloved birdy dress. I'd be lying if I said I didn't plan to buy at least two of the colourways.

So that's all you need to know about that, such love for Hellbunny, please make a tall range so I don't have to have a weird boobie thing happening forever....

Much Love

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