The Karma Collective: We Make Our Own Karma Bracelets

Recently I got an invitation I couldn't say no to. The lovely girls from Karma Jewellery in Belfast wanted to know if we would like to come down and create our own Karma bracelets. Karma for those who don't know are a jewellery company based in Belfast who hand craft beautiful bracelets full of meaning. They're known for their distinctive little tags that say 'made in Belfast' and their range of beautiful customisable colours and coins.

I took the opportunity to put in my hair rat and create a little sneaky Bettie P fringe.

At Karma their whole ethos is to inspire the wearer, with symbols that speak to the individual. Their bracelets are all hand made and each bracelet raises money for good deeds to be done through Karma's ongoing charity donations. So the beautiful bracelet you're wearing on your wrist is making you happy, supporting local business and helping great causes. 

Do you need a better excuse to shop?

All the Belfast bloggers were unbelievably excited and we all gathered to hear how we could craft our own Karma bracelet.

The tools of the trade, and a plethora of beautiful beads later and we had the opportunity to make stunning bracelets. Their bracelet wire is a very special thing indeed which took a lot of research and time for the company. It fits everyone, my fat wrist and I can attest to that.

The girls from Karma were so kind that they even gifted me with the most lovely personalised bracelet with a D on it. Isn't that lovely? They have such an expansive range that I can't help but now want to collect loads of them. 
I have to say I was chatting to the girls and they have a whole little vintage style range and I absolutely ADORE the Shakespeare coin that says 'To Be Or Not To Be' on it.

I had to say that I adored my bracelets once I made them. They go very well with my pug mittens, they also add a bit of very welcome sparkle. 

The bracelets that Karma make can be worn alone or stacked, they look absolutely stunning when stacked up on top of each other, the contrast of sparkles, beads and coins looks really stylish.

At this point when I got a chance to make my own I went for a blue and green bracelet with silver disco balls. I have to say there was far too much choice in what to make. I also made a silver disco ball bracelet with silver balls and one with gold beads.

I've never made jewellery before so I hadn't really got any expectations of what it would be like, but it was so relaxing. The bracelets aren't too fiddly and thankfully the girls from Karma were all there to help us finish them off. We sat and chatted, we munched on snacks and threaded beads onto our bracelets, after such a busy day it was so lovely. There's something very soothing about the process.

Some of the fabulous collections from Karma, there's a bracelet for every taste. I normally know beaded bracelets as being on elastics but having them on bangles and wires and moving around your wrist is a whole different level of durability. The coins are stunning and the combinations are pretty much endless. 

I'm hoping the girls from Karma will start doing the occasional workshop, maybe for summer, spring Christmas etc as I would be signed up in a second, it is such fun to make them. I think I'm going to have to start buying more, because I really want to start stacking them up.

You can buy the bracelets online from their website Karma Jewellery or from Argento. They do a lot of good work for charity, donating many of their bracelet sales to charities all over Ireland.

Check out some of their gorgeous designs

Much Love and Sparkles

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