Vintage Florals: Wiggle Dresses From FD Avenue

Recently the fabulous folks at FD Avenue sent me this rather epic floral wiggle dress to try out for the blog. Now my regular readers will know this post has come with some hand wringing because folks, I am in it having my photo taken and y'all know how much I hate having my photo taken. Here I am though, getting over my flippin' self and being in pictures on my blog (shock horror) so be kind. 

The wiggle dress is not something I've ever really worn, and I love them I've just been a bit self conscious and not wanted to wear tight clothes. As above though I decided that I should at least try, so when I spotted this floral print bodycon dress I thought the vintage florals were so pretty I couldn't resist. So I tried it on and it is so stretchy and fabulous almost like scuba wetsuit material. What is excellent is that it doesn't cling to everything, it sort of skims and hugs rather than shows every lump or bump.

I love the whole range, they have a massive selection of really vintage looking floral bodycons I fully intend to pick up another couple. Don't be worried about sizing either as this dress goes up to a 26 and it is stretchy. One thing I will say, is if in doubt size up and give yourself a little extra room.

There is a split at the back which I found to be a little high, so I ended up sewing the top and making it much smaller, this was just because when I went up stairs it became a little indecent, so for the greater good I got out my sewing kit. 

That's all from me folks, I'm off to go eye up some more wiggle dresses as after all, I'm getting over my aversion to them!

Much Love

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